August 2021


The Biggest Brag

paper airplane delivers

BASF creates the product, but we need you to help us sell it. Without proactive and innovative ag retailers like you, BASF fungicides would not reach the field and provide vital protection from disease and other yield robbers. You deliver the solutions your customers need. As our integral partner, we want to hear about your wins.

What is your biggest fungicide success story?

Whether it was converting a fungicide skeptic to a true believer, a tough field you helped a farmer salvage with a timely spray, or you simply grew your fungicide business, share your biggest brag with us at

We’re eager to hear your stories and celebrate your success! In exchange for your submission, we will send you a grill kit to show our appreciation. The kit includes a grill thermometer, heat-resistant gloves and a kitchen towel.

After all, whether in the field or at the barbeque, having the right tools for the job is the key to success.