May 2020


Do You Know Your Farmer? – Part 1

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Most of the time, it is emotion not logic that drives our purchasing decisions. So, we’ve identified the four most powerful emotional drivers that lead farmers to make decisions about their operation, especially when it comes to fungicides.

  1. Easier Life – Farming can be tough, and a fungicide application shouldn’t add to the farmer’s stress. When it comes to choosing a fungicide, farmers want one that:
  1. Security – Farmers want to be confident day and night knowing their fungicide:
  1. Financial Gain – Farmers want to invest in a fungicide that:
  1. Social Acceptance – Today’s farmers want to know the fungicide they’re using:

Understanding what influences farmers’ purchasing behavior and how you can use your knowledge and experience to best advise them is key. That’s what we’re here for. Try using these talking points as your resource for how to improve your fungicide sales, use these articles as reference materials and share your own sales experiences with us.