June 2020


Do You Know Your Farmer? – Part 2


As promised in the last newsletter, this edition brings you an in-depth look at the five different customer groups you’ll encounter, what makes them unique and tips on ways you can influence their purchasing decisions.

  1. Tech Leaders
  1. Visualizers
  1. Frugal Researchers
  1. Plant Health Loyalists
  1. Asset Optimizers

It’s just as important to know your farmers as it is to know about the fungicides you’re selling them. That’s why we’ve consolidated farmers across the U.S. into like groups to help you unearth opportunities, improve retention and acquisition and make better use of your own time. Lean on BASF and our knowledge of the customer and fungicide market to bring value and credibility to your relationship with the farmers you serve. We’d love to hear how you turn our advice into action.

Want to know even more about your customers? Check out our video tutorials for a deeper dive into the 5 customer types. Learn about their motivations, barriers to watch out for, and products that might be a good fit.