July 2020


Is Your Farmer Listening to You? – Part 3


Talking to Your Farmers Is Always in Season. We’ll Tell You Who’s Most Likely to Listen.

This time of year can be challenging, but it can also be very rewarding. Because we’re in-season and crops are emerging, there’s a wealth of opportunity to work with farmers to help increase their productivity. One of the fastest ways farmers can get a quick payback and also provide you with success is to agree to use fungicide—and not just any fungicide but the best products that provide the best results. That’s right; all fungicides are not the same! Let us give you a head start with some key insights.

In this edition, we’ll steer you towards the audience who’s the most open to hearing your in-season fungicide message.

  1. Tech Leaders
    Because Tech Leaders are reactive purchasers, an ideal time to make a sale with this group often occurs in-season.
  1. Visualizers
    For Visualizers, seeing is always believing. Also being reactive buyers, this segment can literally make a purchase decision on sight.
  1. Asset Optimizers
    An in-season discussion with Asset Optimizers opens the door for them to see the long-term benefits of maximizing on their crop protection investment.

Now is the time to use your talents to create in-season sales opportunities. Let us support your efforts with information and inspiration. Our job is to make you a success, so don’t hesitate to reach out with your own questions. We also want to hear about your wins!