December 2021

Eliminate Hesitancy by Building Trust

Shaking hands

Reluctant clients are not unusual. Even the most skilled salesperson runs into objections and hesitance. It’s a normal part of the sales cycle. Fortunately, there are tried and true methods of overcoming objections and even turning them into opportunities where you can tap into your knowledge and experience to instill confidence and close the sale.

  • Change the Perspective: You can provide a point of view the customer may not have considered. Get customers to look at situations in a different way by bringing up what-if situations they might not have considered. Use your own experience or the experiences of other customers as proof.
  • Be the Teacher: You have specific product knowledge a farmer doesn’t, especially when it comes to specific data regarding in-field -test performance. Reference success in university studies and local grower trials when making a recommendation.
  • Step in: Sometimes, you know your customers’ needs better than they do. If they’re going down the wrong road, perhaps not considering a fungicide when they should, get in there and steer them back onto the right path.

The bottom line, farmers turn to you for solutions. So, when they object, they’re really pushing you to push them. Knowing some strategies to overcome their hesitance will ultimately serve you both. If you find you need a little support, reach out to your BASF rep. We’d be happy to talk you through any sales situation you find yourself in.