June 2021


Enhancing Customer Experience With Apps and Web-based Services


In March 2020, many of us wondered what a post-lockdown or pandemic world might look like. Since then, communities have opened back up to find some form of normalcy. Will new customer service tools used during the lockdown period remain?

One thing is certain, companies’ abilities to flex and become more agile in how they do business will remain. Face-to-face meetings — especially in sales — have always been preferred, but during COVID-19, many quickly relearned the value of picking up the phone or creating video calls to conduct business. Additionally, email marketing and social media communication were more prevalent than ever before.

App development also became widely popular. Whether your organization is considering developing an app or you’re using an ag retail-specific app, we wanted to share how some companies used apps to enhance their customer experience.

There are also several apps or business tools available to enhance existing sales processes or sales assets.

While ag retail business solutions and apps have developed tremendously in the past few years, there are ideas and lessons that can be gleaned from the consumer space.