March 2021


Innovation and Fungicides: Product Differentiation for Corn and Soybean Crop Protection


Revysol® fungicide from BASF, the first and only isopropanol-azole, is an active ingredient that has been developed to meet the needs of agriculture in the 21st century. Farming is not getting easier, but Revysol is proven to perform in high-pressure environments, bringing farmers the greenest fields with the highest yields.

This powerful ingredient is changing the conversation around fungicides — for you and your customers. Plant the seed of thought with customers by discussing their fungicide experience and desired outcomes, demonstrated benefits BASF fungicides provide, and success stories other customers have experienced.

When introducing BASF Veltyma™ fungicide in corn and Revytek™ fungicide in soybeans, which feature the Revysol active ingredient as part of a powerhouse formulation with multiple modes of action, help farmers understand what they are going to experience and how the fungicides’ performance will be different from any fungicide they’ve applied before. Three words will help you tell the story of Revysol, a revolutionary active ingredient: Broader. Stronger. Longer.

Broader Spectrum

Stronger Activity

Longer Residual

The Revysol Difference
You have been asking for a flexible fungicide that’s simple to use and makes life easier. BASF listened, and Revysol delivers:

Fungicides formulated with Revysol, including Veltyma and Revytek, have set a new standard in the fungicide market. Let’s work together to help farmers understand the superior Plant Health and disease control benefits they can expect from Revysol fungicides.