March 2021


Plant Seeds for Thought


This year is filled with “new rules” and a “new normal,” but one simple fact remains: Planting season is quickly approaching, and farmers will be spending their valuable time in their fields. Take advantage of this opportunity to show your customers you’re thinking of them and their continued success at this time by being their trusted adviser.

Here are some seeds of your own to plant this season:

For your current fungicide customer — Acknowledge that their time is more valuable than ever right now. Then get them thinking about ways to get the best return on their time investment, i.e., by applying a proven fungicide. Set them up for harvest success by recommending a BASF fungicide they should be applying this year.

For the prospective fungicide customer — Ask them about their experience with fungicides: what worked, what didn’t, what expectations they had and what they would like to be different the next time they use them. Point out new BASF technologies that make today’s fungicides straightforward, effective and a necessary investment for the 21st century. Share the success stories of other growers you work with and introduce a BASF fungicide they can purchase on the spot that delivers proven Plant Health benefits, helping plants mitigate disease pressure and environmental stress for greener fields and higher yields.

These are just a few simple strategies for planting the “thinking seeds” in your customers’ minds. An effective sales strategy doesn’t push the farmer to a decision, but is effective at asking the questions that plant the seed of an idea, supporting them to make fungicide their own decision. Time is valuable — start the conversation now to grow a fruitful partnership with your customers.