June 2021


Take a Proactive Approach to Maintaining Plant Health


It’s easy for a grower to start crunching numbers on cost per acre and immediately push a fungicide application to the side. Of course, farmers will apply a fungicide if they see heavy disease pressure. But oftentimes, that’s not enough. It’s about preventive disease protection and promoting overall Plant Health.

As you approach growers, ask them if they have done everything they can to make sure their crop sprints across the finish line.

Share the benefits of a BASF Plant Health application with growers, including disease protection and the ability to better handle environmental stress. Veltyma™ for corn and Revytek™ for soybeans deliver on these promises.

Choose a Plant Health Product. Choose Veltyma for Corn.

By definition, foliar fungicides control foliar disease. Whether it’s gray leaf spot or northern corn leaf blight, a foliar fungicide application is beneficial. But there are more benefits to Veltyma fungicide than meets the eye.

Superior control growers can trust

For the uncompromising soybean farmer, Revytek™ fungicide is the only premium fungicide protecting crops from both disease and the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

Your farmers can expect to see disease protection from:

If you’re interested in checking out Veltyma and Revytek fungicide results from local farmers, visit Revxfield.com.