October 2021


Push Back with a Purpose

Push back with a purpose

Being a trusted advisor means more than giving farmers the message they want to hear — it also means delivering the information they need to hear. Your experience and knowledge are just as critical to customers as product and price. That’s why gently pushing back when they resist your advice is important.

When you need to push back with a purpose, here are a few reminders to boost your confidence and strengthen your stance:

You’re the expert: You can provide perspective the customer doesn’t have but needs. Ask your farmers to look at situations in a different way by bringing up what-if situations they might not have considered. Share your own experience as proof.

Be the advisor: You have specific product knowledge and perspective a farmer likely doesn’t, especially when it comes to specific data regarding field-test performance. Reference the success of other farmers, your trials or university studies when making a recommendation.

Step in before the mistake is made: Sometimes you know your customers’ needs better than they do. If they’re going down the wrong road, perhaps not considering critical inputs or decisions like fungicide when they should, get in there and steer them back onto the right path.

Push back like a hero! During tough times, clients may be apprehensive and anxious. They need assurance that their decisions will not cause more harm than good. The best way to provide this assurance is to be readily available for communication.

Speak up with your experience and knowledge and give your customers the ROI they deserve.