September 2021


Outside Expertise: Social Media as a Sales Tool

Social Media as a Sales Tool

Almost everyone has a social media presence. According to Statista, nearly 70% of adults use some form of social media. Many use it to post personal memories, current events or opinions on hot topics. Look through a different lens and ask yourself: How can you use social media as a sales professional?

Use social media as a sales tool and build a community
Many social media platforms have realized the potential of generating leads and building a community and relationships with current or prospective customers. These platforms have now developed tools to help every salesperson succeed in generating new business. Below are a few ways to use popular social media platforms to engage with your prospective customers.

Twitter**** is a conversational platform that is particularly popular among the ag community. Twitter has created endless opportunities to organize and keep track of content. Use Twitter’s “list” tool to build a custom list for different categories, including sales leads, influencers or competitors, and keep track of and search for content using hashtags.

Snapchat was created to not be “picture perfect” to showcase your authentic self. With one quick snap, you can show your following what is top of mind in your world. Using this platform is a great opportunity to keep growers informed of field conditions and your involvement in the community.

LinkedIn**** is a professional platform that lets you showcase your leadership in the industry. With LinkedIn, profiles provide information about each user’s business and career, which is a great opportunity to recognize potential leads.

As you gear up for your next sales season, get familiar with social media and create a plan to incorporate social selling within your sales process. To get the ball rolling, here are some topics you could share content on: