December 2021


Staying Committed Even After the Initial No

Stay Committed

Nine times out of ten you can expect to hear the dreaded word “no” from a reluctant customer. It is often hard to hear. However, don’t just accept no as the final say. Real estate agents, car sales professionals, and business consultants deal with rejection all day long. Salespeople must continue to stay positive. Use these steps to help turn the initial “no” into a “yes”.

  1. Accept the rejection with grace
    We often take rejection personally. Questions will quickly pop into our minds, “What did I do wrong?” or “Why do they not like me?”. Customers often choose a different product or service because they believe it will fit their needs better. While personal relationships are critical in selling, it is not everything.
  2. Show commitment and follow up After receiving the initial no, show your commitment and follow up with the customer to continue to build the relationship. Carry on the conversation and learn more about their problems to provide solutions. Customers’ needs change daily. Check-in regularly to be top of mind when a customer decides to start looking for a solution to their problem. Follow-up phone calls, emails, or texts show commitment, and that you care about their needs. Real estate agents and car sales representatives will follow up with the customer to ensure they found the perfect home or car and remind them to keep them in mind in the future.
  3. Focus on your goal, know customer trends
    Keep track of your customers’ buying trends. For instance, on average it is known people will purchase a new vehicle every five years. This varies from customer to customer. Some may trade-in at 45,000 miles, while others wait until 200,000 miles. In real estate, people will often buy new properties in life-changing moments such as having kids, receiving a promotion, children moving out, or downsizing during retirement. Compare this to your current clientele. They have buying trends too.
  4. Keep Trying
    After following up and learning the customer’s goals and purchasing trends, it is now time to offer a solution again for this potential customer. Remember to reflect on why the customer initially said no. Move forward with a solution that you think will best meet their needs. Continue to remain confident with a goal in mind. If they still do not show interest after the second interaction continue to follow up and remain positive as you continue to build a relationship with the individual.

As you complete the cycle to gain a new sale, remember the initial no is not the end of the conversation or relationship. Stay positive and goal focused, and remember sales rejection is part of the job.