October 2021


Success With BASF Fungicides — Announcing the Biggest Brag Winner

Success with BASF Fungicides

Without retailer partners like you, BASF fungicides would not reach the field to provide protection from yield-robbing disease. We asked you to share your biggest success stories with us — now it’s our turn to brag about it.

Helena sales representative Dean Reed and his customer Charlie Fontenot from Palmetto, Louisiana, is the biggest brag winner. Using Revytek™ fungicide during the R2 soybean growth stage provided tremendous success for this year’s crop.

The Revytek fungicide soybeans application was applied at the “One and Done” grower trial. Dean said this application was to prove that Revytek fungicide combines curative and preventive long-term disease control, increasing yields. Specifically, the test plot showed Revytek’s effectiveness against aerial blight.

Revytek was sprayed during Charlie’s final herbicide application, which saved an additional trip across the field while getting ahead of disease. Application timing allowed for better spray coverage and better canopy coverage than applying at a later (R3 or R4) stage.

Dean and Charlie prevented soybean blight. Both noted the impressive difference between treated and untreated soybeans, and Charlie looks forward to using Revytek in future growing seasons.

Thanks to the support of Helena sales representative Dean Reed and his customer Charlie Fontenot. Congratulations! For more BASF fungicide results, visit RevXField.com.