April 2021


What Drives Your Farmer?


Understanding what influences farmers’ purchasing behavior and how you can use your knowledge and experience to best advise them is an invaluable skill.

While farmers want hard data and visible evidence of a product’s performance, there are also four key emotional drivers that influence farmers: easier life, security, financial gain and social acceptance. Consider and address these needs in sales conversations to build relationships and close more fungicide sales.

Easier Life
Farming can be tough, and a fungicide application shouldn’t add to the farmer’s stress. When it comes to choosing a fungicide, farmers want one that:

Farmers want to be confident day and night knowing their fungicide:

Financial Gain
Farmers want to invest in a fungicide that:

Social Acceptance
Today’s farmers want to know the fungicide they’re using:

Most of the time, it is emotion not logic that drives our purchasing decisions. Try incorporating these points in your strategy to improve fungicide sales. For additional resources, refer to the Pathfinder Initiative tab for access to previous issues and interactive training programs, or reach out to your BASF representative. That’s what we’re here for.